No other fix

Kadappan shares a very inspiring poem:

Sipping the divine
I lost the respect for the wine

For the hunch it gives lasts all time
And makes me more aware at the same time

Available wide open at no cost
But still it's very difficult to get lost

Constrictions have I made in the form of my mind
Poses restrictions to imbibe the kind

Surfing its ocean for quiet a long spell
I am yet to dive in, to find the pearl

Oh how stolid am I
To still stall on this narrow board of I

Hence without his cocktail mix
I definitely don't have any other fix!

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She longs for dissolution

Lavanya shares a poem about Kailash:

A journey to the source of reality
Can it become my destiny?

Not so sturdy I’m, physically
Looking for you, helplessly!

A longing journey of sanctity
Can it become my destiny?

Bemused in thoughts, relentlessly
Looking for you, helplessly!

A Journey to the mountain of Eternity
Can it become my destiny?

Not so strong I’m, emotionally
Looking for you, helplessly!

A yearning journey of spirituality
Can it become my destiny?

I pray to dissolve in you, resolutely
Accept this ignorant, benevolently!

She was high in bliss

Flo Li shares her experience of Inner Engineering & Bhava Spandana:
"As if I could watch my own drama from the audience, I was able to gain much perspective and regain my calmness quickly. No doubt I still experience ups and downs but the dramas in life no longer controlled my life. I felt lighter and lighter day after day…"

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Lavanya, from Minnesota shares a poem:

I Flag myself, as devotee of you
I have know clue, as who is you!

I ignore all, as they aren’t you
I have know clue, as who is you!

I Worship an idol, as that’s all you
I have know clue, as who is you!

I fast and chant, to please you
I have know clue, as who is you!

I grin as I think, I possess you
I have know clue, as who is you!

Something within, still looking for you
Open my third eye, so I see you!

Something within, still longing for you
Tear of my ignorance, so I hear you!

Something within, still lasting for you
Fade away my fakeness, so I feel you!

Something within, still living for you
Destroy my ego, so I dwell within you!

Sixth Sense

A poem shared my an Isha meditator from Charlotte, NC:

Breathtaking visuals, withheld these eyes two,
Scintillating music, danced in these ears two,
Fragrances and Flavors, were enjoyed too.

And textures a million, sensed these two hands,
Thus ran a life with day to day demands.

Still an existence unaware, that it felt tragic,
Till you came and unleashed the magic,
So wonderful, that it defied all logic.

Now you've kindled an unquenchable thirst,
And set me off on a mad quest,
To find the peak of this Everest.
Thanks for ensuring that this being cannot rest,
Until it knows it’s very best.

Bonfire of the Vanities

Poem on Sadhguru by an Isha Meditator from Charlotte, NC:

Awakened from my slumber
I peek in the yonder,
Who is this? Man or Myth, I wonder.
He coaxes me near,
To erase my fear,
A comfortable warmth, is this the womb or bonfire?
Do I care or has this always been my desire?

Hole in One

A poem shared by an Isha meditator:

A mundane game of golf,
In this game, a hole in one,
A rare one,
If a player can score,
The crowd will soar.

O Golf player, in this game of golf,
Can this ball disappear in the One?
A hole in one,
When you score,
This ball will soar,
Let there be no more.